Food Branding And Marketing

How to select the Right Packaging

Understanding the importance of Food Branding and Marketing is a sure way to ensure that your product is not just sitting on the shelf. At Pencilworks we know that consumers will pass your packaged products in favor of others that are having better designed packaging, so it is important to put into consideration your audience and design your food packaging to entice them.

No matter what kind of food you are selling, it is important that your product is spot on the shelf. There are many different methods to do this, and this will largely depend on the type of food you are marketing, and the public being marketed towards. Below we have some common strategies to highlight the right type of packaging for the design that attracts the attention of the people.

Colorful packaging is always a brilliant idea, especially with regard to the marketing of food that is aimed at children. Children love bright colors and happy, so it makes sense to pack food this way for them. Neon colors and bright primary colors are suitable for children, but for a more mature audience do not work as well.
Elegant design package is a good idea for food products that are marketed in an upscale audience. For example, it is recommended to pack a high quality cheese in a stylish and elegant packaging.

Before packing pet food, it should be package with both the owner and the pet in mind. Almost every time you want to include a photo of animal that the food is intended for; also, the packaging should reflect all the good reasons why a pet owner must buy the food for the animal.

Pictures of healthy fresh fruits, vegetables and cereals work very well when it comes to the packaging of health food. It is also advisable to include a lot of verbiage on the packaging which will inform about the health benefits of the foods been sold. In essence, you want a situation whereby the food will look nutritious and healthy so that consumers will buy it.

In general sweet and chocolate bars make people happy and carefree, and as such it must be packaged in brilliantly designed and fun packaging. Awakening such feelings encourages consumers to buy snack foods first, so keep in mind that if you are looking for a great design suitable for candy or snack food products.

You cannot afford to order the use of the wrong type of packaging material for you products. The packaging designs for senior citizens cannot be used to appeal to younger audience. Remember that the use of wrong wording on health food can cause your food packaged products to be over looked on the shelf.