How To Clean Marble Flooring In A Large Hotel Lobby

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For ages, marble flooring has always been a sign of luxury. Whether the floor is in a hotel lobby or a house it always adds instant character and class to any place that uses it. When it comes to cleaning marble there are quite a few guidelines that you need to follow otherwise you will end up permanently damaging the floor. You have to always keep in mind that marble flooring is very different than other floor types like hardwood tile laminate or linoleum. Normal everyday cleaning products are way too acidic for marble floors. If you use these types of cleaners on marble floors you will permanently damage the surface of the floor.

The normal acidity of these everyday cleaners enters the pores of the floor and damages its shine. In order to be able to clean marble floors safely, you need to use cleaners that have absolutely no acidity to them. The first process to keeping marble floors clean and also in good condition is to make sure that you do not allow dust, sand, or grit to settle on them. Marble usually has a very smooth and polished surface therefore anything rough on the surface is going to scratch it very easily. This is pretty much comparable to walking around the floor with bits of sandpaper on your shoes. Doing this is going to ruin your floors forever.

To keep dust and dirt and grit off your hotel lobby marble floors the best approach is to use a tool like a microfiber flat mop. These tools are invaluable for caring for marble floors. The reason why they are so good for marble floors is that they do not scratch the floor and they are large which saves time. If you compare a microfiber mop to a vacuum cleaner, a vacuum cleaner can very easily scratch the floor. On the other hand, the microfiber mop is always going to have something soft and fluffy touching the floor rather than something hard and rough.

When it comes time to wet mop marble flooring, remember to stay away from normal commercial cleaners. Rather just use warm water and a microfiber wet mop. If you do have some tough dirt to deal with then mix a very mild solution of soap and water. However never use anything stronger than normal basic household soap. By following these simple instructions your marble floor will last you a lifetime. See here for a better understanding of using microfiber mops.