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Take the good with the bad, wash down with Codeine

The past few weeks have been both trying and wonderful.

I landed in the ER, then in surgery, with what I can only refer to — at this point — as Smurf Syndrome. I wrote about Smurf Sydrome in a perpetual state of observing/living/observing myself live (while on antibiotics and painkillers). So I won’t go further into it here, lest I ruin the story when/if it’s published.

The surgery and aftercare and follow-ups and future plans for more surgery have messed with both my head and my workload at school.

But. While recovering, I found out that I am officially interning at the Times-Picayune in New Orleans this summer. My dream internship. The only one I applied for. Either the Features or the News desk. No coffee. No bullshit. Writing stories. Often, stories that are my own ideas. NEW ORLEANS.

Then today, on my father’s birthday, my first piece printed in the New York Times Sunday Styles section.

The good things are some kind of armor while I truck through the rest.