How to Use your Kitchen and Catering Equipment Efficiently

When you set out to purchasing you catering equipment, you expect to get the best out of them. It is, however, possible that if you do not make your purchase wisely, you will end up not getting the results you were aiming at. This is why it is important to make a commercial purchase of the equipment you need. These may.

Fast paced work flow: Professionally designed commercial kitchen with catering equipment will improve the workflow and allow fast paced working environment. When you are in a restaurant business every minute count and customer values your efforts when you deliver the menu item in a quick time once it is ordered. An efficient kitchen design should provide a good space for working employees and equipment.

Smart way to save energy: A well designed commercial kitchen helps save energy consumed by catering equipment. Right spacing and placement of catering equipment like refrigerators, fryers, gas stoves, steamers etc., will prevent damage, repairs and accidents. It increases safety and helps you save your hard earned money.

Improved Cleanliness: A properly planned and designed commercial kitchen will improve your kitchen cleanliness and avoid the frequent need to wash the food preparation area for keeping it clean and tidy. Cross contamination can be prevented by designing and implementing commercial kitchen and catering equipment in the right way. Bottom line: With right commercial kitchen design and catering equipment you can provide exceptional service to clients.

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Buying good catering equipment may come at an overwhelming cost. However, how about if you have a better choice, where you can get all the equipment you need at a relatively lower price. If you go for reconditioned catering equipment, you will be able to cut on the total cost by getting yourself the equipment you need at a relatively lower price.

Buying reconditioned. When you think about the various ovens, stoves, refrigeration, sinks, grills etc. that you are probably going to need then a significant saving can be made by going down the reconditioned route.

Environmentally Friendly – By buying reconditioned catering equipment you know that you are choosing a green option. The recycling of equipment rather than the scrapping of it will score you good kudos points and demonstrates that you care about the environment.

Better Use Of Your Budget – Buying new may seem attractive but when you take into account the costs involved and how quickly the value depreciates, is buying new really the best use of your budget? By freeing up extra funds you can obtain more equipment, do more advertising and have better quality ingredients for your menu.

Better Brands – It’s possible to obtain reconditioned catering equipment from some of the top brands. These brands may have been too expensive to buy new but by purchasing them reconditioned they become more affordable and add more prestige to your kitchen.

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Kitchen equipment is inevitable both at home and in catering services. It is no wonder most people running catering businesses get tempted to intertwine the two and use some of their kitchen equipment for their catering services, or the other way round. This is a tendency that should be avoided from the word go, since it can cost you inconvenience both at work and home. Here are some of the reasons you need to draw the line on where to use your catering equipment.

Size does matter

The first and most obvious difference anyone will notice between commercial and domestic equipment is the size. Commercial catering instruments like ovens and microwaves dwarf their domestic equivalents, and for good reason. Professional kitchens in restaurants and cafes are expected to provide for a large and continuous stream of customers, and therefore a large amount of food orders. If you do not have the necessary sized equipment to handle the workload, it will negatively impact your food production and the overall efficiency of your kitchen.

Quality as well as quantity

Any item in your kitchen – be it your fridge, oven or knives – needs replacing eventually. Whilst any of these domestic tools can survive for years in your average home, the constant use and employment of catering equipment in a professional kitchen will rapidly increase the deterioration of domestic equipment. Commercial goods on the other hand are typically manufactured to the highest standard of quality, often with materials such as iron or stainless steel that will keep them long-lasting in a busy environment.

Keeping up the pace

Besides top-notch materials and components, commercial supplies come with a range of built in features to maintain their overall efficiency and the preservation of your ingredients. A domestic fridge’s compressor, for example, is only designed to handle being opened several times a day. A commercial fridge, comparatively, features a much more powerful compressor to handle regular opening and the higher temperatures of a busy kitchen.

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