How to be Smart in Offering Catering Services

Offering a perfect catering service is quite rough sometime. You will need to bring a catering company on board if you need catering services. This not only saves you time, it also saves you going through the stressful endeavor. Hiring a catering company may cost you financially, but the advantages by far surpass the few bucks you have to sacrifice.

Save Time

When hiring a catering company, you don’t have to plan, cook, and serve food, imagine how much time that will save. Figuring out what to cook, going to the grocery store, cooking for hours, setting up and serving the food; this takes a lot of time. And when planning an event, time is precious.

Make a Statement

When an event is catered, it leaves a lasting impression with guests. It makes an event feel more important and structured. Whether it’s a private event like a birthday, anniversary, reunion; a special day like a wedding; or a significant event like a business gathering, having a catering company on-site shows that you took time to really make the event special. The attention to detail you pays from hiring a caterer will shine through to guests.

Less Stress

As we’ve said, planning an event requires a lot of time and effort. From decorations and invitations to food and beverages – there are a lot of things that go into making an event complete and memorable. A catering company can assist you in planning for one of the major to-dos: food. A lot of thought goes into what to serve at an event which can be stressful. Catering companies can ease this worry and take care of the hard work.

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Providing good catering service can be costly and hard. If you need to avoid the unnecessary cost of buying catering equipment you will not need all the time, you can actually rent the equipment only when necessary, which also provides a better opportunity to get better bids and save on some money. Hiring saves cost. Since you need the equipment for only a short period, you will pay a rental fee for that short period. This fee is much less when compared to the costs of buying new catering equipment.

Buying comes with the need for maintenance and storage space, which means additional costs in the long term. Since the equipment will be returned back to the rental company after use, there are no maintenance costs or need for storage.

Some catering equipment, such as tablecloths may lose their trendiness over time; which means you will be stuck with the same clothes even when they are no longer fashionable. However, that becomes less of a concern if you are hiring your catering equipment.

Since no two events are ever truly the same, the best catering equipment for each event varies. Buying your own catering equipment compels you to use the same equipment, whereas hiring gives you access to equipment that is tailored to each event.

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Cost saving comes first when you need to provide a catering service for any said event. With a good planning and prudent execution of the duty, you can actually cut on costs in a number of ways, without compromising satisfaction of your guests.

Keep it short and sweet. Stephanie Edens, vice president of national sales at Wolfgang Puck Catering, says that hosts should pay attention to timeline. “By controlling the duration of your event, you can reduce costs significantly,” she says. Edens suggests planning a cocktail reception with action stations over three hours, rather than a cocktail hour followed by a seated dinner and dessert, which typically lasts around five hours. Instead of perceiving the format as skimping, she says, guests will likely “enjoy the ability to mingle and the high-energy ambiance.”

Eliminate labor costs. Smaller events such as boardroom meetings or small executive dinners may not need servers at all. “For our cost-conscious customers, we recommend an un-staffed event,” says Maura Devaney, catering director at Boston’s Au Soleil Catering. “We prepare all of the food, set up the room, and make recommendations on how to monitor and refresh, but it allows people to cut down on labor, which can be one of our biggest expenses.”

Leverage promotional opportunities. To cut down on staffing fees, Tracey Cammack, executive director of catering at Savor…Chicago, suggests considering a “Taste of…” theme, incorporating local restaurants or food products into the event, with signage. “Provide a station for each, and have all participants serve a specialty item,” she says. “The companies participate for free, charging just the cost of their products and time since it’s a free promotion for them.”

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