Top 2 Coffee Shops In Maui, Hawaii


Whether hot or cold, coffee is the worlds number one drink. As such, you may ask why should you be interested in Maui coffee roasters, or the top 2 coffee shops in Maui? As in many cases, many people visiting the Hawaiian islands would want to drink or take what they have been used to. This does not give many a chance to have a feel of what others are drinking.

However, it is different with Akamai’s Coffee shops in Kihei & Wailuku or the Hawaiian Village Coffee shops. You will find it very easy to enjoy the fresh and tasty feeling of drinking fully roasted coffee from Maui coffee experts some of whom have roasted coffee for almost 10 years now.

Without a doubt, if you are traveling to Hawaii and especially Maui, then you need to know where you can find the best coffee roaster in the area.

Alternatively, you may decide to lodge in one of the 5-star hotels in the island as you enjoy your Akamai coffee Kihei.

Although there are several joints, you can enjoy your Maui coffee from; the top 2 coffee shops in Maui will definitely keep you coming for more. Look at what they have to offer you.

1. Akamai Coffee Co

Established in 2007, This company has helped tourist and residents enjoy the best quality coffee the worlds has ever produced. The beauty of the coffee in Hawaii is that at Akamai Coffee, you are likely to get it in whatever batch on a daily basis.

Perhaps, you might find this to be interesting that these Maui coffee roasters is very close to Kahului Airport, About 5 mins away. Make sure to grab one of these delicious coffee’s when visiting Maui or on your way to work!

2. Hawaiian Village Coffee

It is normal to suffer jetlag if you are a frequent traveler. However, you will soon realize that the fatigue you may be feeling is nothing when you pop into Hawaiian Coffee prepared in Hawaiian Village Coffee.

The Hawaiian Village Coffee is usually open at 5:30 in the morning. No any other coffee roaster that opens that early the whole Kaanapali area. Therefore, you can kill your hangover before it is the 8:00am time that is considered conventional to begin the day.

As you enjoy your Village coffee, you may also wish to taste Maui cuisine. The place is very friendly to all visitors thanks to its vicinity, the French roast and or espresso all of which feature grown beans from Maui.